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Links to non-Coast Guard entities are not under the control of the United States Coast Guard or the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and are provided for the convenience of our customers.  They do not, in any way, constitute an endoresement of the linked pages or any commercial or private issues or products presented there.  We cannot make any warranty or representation concerning the content of these sites, or secondary sites from the pages to which they link.

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sitrep.gif (1568 bytes)   SITREP, an electronic magazine intended for both Auxiliary members and non-members alike, highlights the people and activities of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Coast Guard Magazine

  Coast Guard Magazine is an electronic magazine for information only and is not authority for official action.  In it's pages you will experience Coast Guard life as it occurs in every corner of the service.
The Coast Guard Reservist   The Coast Guard Reservist is published monthly by the Commandant, Director of Reserve & Training, U.S. Coast Guard. It is intended for information only and is not authority for official action.
allhands.jpg (7150 bytes)   AllHands magazine is published monthly to maintain or assist the vital communication link between Navy leadership, Sailors, civilians, retirees and their families.
airman.jpg (13352 bytes)   Airman is published monthly by the Air Force News Agency (AFNEWS) for the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs. As the official magazine of the U.S. Air Force, it is a medium of information for Air Force personnel
marine.gif (21900 bytes)   Marines is published quarterly by the Division of Public Affairs, Media Branch, HQMC, 2 Navy Annex, Washington, DC 20380-1775.
soldiers.jpg (6584 bytes)   Soldiers magazine is published monthly and is available through the Army's Distribution Operations Facility channels to active duty, Guard and Reserve units in the U.S. Army, and the public..

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Updated: July 15, 2009

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