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What does HomeGroup have to offer You?

FIRST: Do you qualify to come to our office as an Executive Agent? (that's what we call our full sales associates). I know it's a different concept to have to meet standards to be hired by a Real Estate firm, but that's one of the things that sets us apart. We don't publish our standards, but if You're a successful Realtor with more than a year in the business under Your belt, You may qualify. (If your experience is less than a year talk to Ken about our On The Job Training and licensed assistant programs. You'll probably still make more than You do now and You'll certainly learn about Real Estate!) We have a Passion for Real Estate! (Call Ken on his cell phone at 732-650-0992).

SECOND: Once You qualify, You'll find that whether You're a 10 Million Dollar producer or a 2 Million Dollar producer, the programs available are simple; (we offer an easy transition program for Agents, so that You're not putting out much cash until You have closings). Once You become an Executive Agent, You have full use of the office with it's wireless high speed internet connected conference rooms, shared workstations, hi capacity plain paper fax, copier, scanner, color laser and laser printers document folder, etc.
    You also don't ever have to worry about the "rookie" on "floor time" who gets the Leads YOU paid for with your effort, your ability and your ads. We have "Ultimate Floortime". You're always on, but You don't even have to be in the office, our salaried, non-licensed people answer the phones seven days per week, find out who generated the lead and make sure that only THAT agent gets that call. Our phone system allows us to forward these calls to You in Your home, to You cell, or wherever You want. Walk-ins/call-ins and referrals are distributed evenly and fairly to all. Maybe the best benefit of all is that You become part of the HomeGroup "Family" of top notch salespeople from around the world.

THIRD: The commission split is simple, 65% to 100% to You. (Easy to figure out). With the 100% program You pay us a transaction fee of several hundred dollars, a per transaction side, E&O payment (currently $35), and a clerical fee (currently 60 cents per $100.00 You are paid), and the rest is Yours! Most Agents coming from a 50/50 split franchise will see their retained income, (Cash in their pocket), double with no increase in sales (on the 100% program). Isn't that money better off with Your family than with Your broker?? That's the premise that HomeGroup was founded with! A recent example of how well our system works; A HomeGroup Executive Agent had a listing that sold for $310,000.00 (with a 6 percent commission), by a 50/50 franchise Agent. The 50/50 franchise agent brought a check back to their office for $9,270.00. Their broker took the franchise fee of 6% and the advertising fee of 2% off the top, split what was left in half and the agent was paid $4,264.20. Meanwhile the HomeGroup Executive Agent took back a check of $9,330.00, and was PAID $8,479.02! Big difference. Even with ads using our contract rates, the RETAINED INCOME (money in Your pocket) is WAY more than at those other companies.

Don't You owe it to Yourself and Your Family, to look at the opportunity here at HomeGroup?

It's easy to call Ken CONFIDENTIALLY. Call him on his cell phone at 732-650-0992 or email him at